Will Buckley  welcomes you to the Grahamsway Prosperity Group

Getting the Prosperity of a Group around you - multiplies your own success rate...

It's an old saying, but still true "Two heads are better than one".

Grahamsway was started in 2007 and in that time we've gained lots of experience, and one of the major things we've learned is that being part of a group - a "buddy system" - encourages success.

That lead us to develop a special plan to guide our members from a low start up cost, to a high monthly income, all without having to chase 100's of potential prospects.

Something else we learned was to steer clear of new companies, that means anything younger than 5 years.

Another is that the owner must be an active leader.

But the big thing is that, anything we invest time, energy, and $$'s in, must have a real product or service.

Our plan is based on choosing a global online company that has what everyone building an online income needs.

And that can only mean that we're targeting the online tools industry. An industry  that includes everything needed to build your business, such as banners, splash & capture pages, autoresponders, website hosting, blogs, and much, much more.

Whether you need all of those tools, and more, will depend on how your business is growing. In the early days you may only need a capture page and an autoresponder, but as your knowledge and experience grows you might need video tools. The point being you use what you need to generate an income.

Our plan is designed for someone new to online marketing, but it is also very much for the more experienced, because unless your own team members are successful, you'll be on a slippery slope to quitting.

If you have got this far into our site, you've passed our first test, which is that you have an open mind to building an even better lifestyle.

OK. Time for another test...

Are you ready to jump in as a team player, willing to communicate via email, Skype, or phone? If you are then...

Read on to find out how our
exciting work from home

Grahamsway Prosperity Group
can work for you.

Hi, welcome and congratulations on being here.

I'm an active team member, and I look forward
to climbing the mountain of success with you.

This Is Your Golden Opportunity To Prosper With me
I Prove, that If You Do What I Do...You Will prosper...

HINT...You are reading this because the system is working :)

I follow a Simple and Smart plan, and know for a fact
that if anyone says they're not prospering financially, it's
because they you are NOT doing what I'm doing!

 Nothing I do is complicated, and like learning to ride
a bicycle, the ONLY way is to get on and start riding.

It's exactly the same here - Just do it...

My goal is for you to be earning an achievable $100++ monthly
 as soon as possible, and you are offered choices on how to
proceed to produce an income that will make a real difference.


Are you ready to join us and say

 Follow these instructions, one step at a time, remembering what Yoda in the 'Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back' said...

"Do. Or do not. There is no try"

     Ok, now we're ready to get serious with this. As with all businesses, your success is directly in proportion to your efforts and the funding you put in to create a better lifestyle.

     Meaning that if you treat this as a Part-time business, and not as a spare time hobby, you are guaranteed to succeed - Providing you don't quit.  Set your own daily schedule that suits you.

     The first thing we need to do is to set up our Office Tools that we'll need to build, and present, our online
Prosperity Group.
     These Tools will be needed for any business that we want to promote.

     And the good news is that we'll have our first Income Stream as a result of our Tools program.

     The success of any business depends on the products, and the products here ARE the TOOLS you will need, no matter which business or businesses you want to promote.

     To get you started we introduce you to a company that can provide ALL the tools we all need to promote our businesses at a very reasonable cost, and has been established since 2007, AND has the big advantage of being able to provide a major affiliate income stream of...

  •  Direct Commissions at the Free, Pro and Pro Plus levels...

  •   All the Internet tools you need to build your business...

  •   Join our team and get your FREE membership of the Grahamsway Prosperity Group, with your program Usernames, and including your personal link to this website.

     Getting started...Join Buildabizonline, a company that began in 2007, so easily qualifies under our rules that a company must have been successful for at least 5 years.

     Click just BELOW this banner to get started, then select Join. Before you complete the form to join, make sure that the named person is the one you wish to join with.

Check it out and Register at...BuildaBizOnline

    OK. You are now a FREE member at Buildabizonline, and have free access to use all the tools listed as white links in the blue tool bar at the top of their website. You can also earn .75c for every new members who joins with you.

     To be able to use ALL the tools listed on the tool bar, upgrade to the Pro Level for only $5.75 a month. You will also get to earn $2 for every person who joins you as a Pro or Pro Plus member.

     As the Plan says, it's OK to join at the Pro Plus level, and get ALL of the tools on the tool bar, AND also get CPanel Hosting and a Blog, AND earn $2.50 monthly for each Pro member who joins you, and $4 monthly for each Pro Plus member.  This is not MLM or a matrix program, just a one level affiliate program.

     I'm sure that you can see it's a no-brainer as to which level is the most prosperous, both in terms of tools and commissions, and your future prosperity.

    It gets even better. For people who join Grahamsway Prosperity Group, (link below), you will get access to the special pages in the  back-office.

Free Membership of Grahamsway Prosperity Group

If you have joined one of our programs,
you are entitled to become a member of
Grahamsway Prosperity Group.

Click to see all the benefits that brings.

- This is YOUR business but you will get plenty of help from the support team AND my personal help. In fact I want you to let me help you with my little secrets that will make this even more prosperous for you.

Remember that its imperative you work closely with your uplines and our Group, and you won't fail unless you quit, (See why in our training).

We ALL at Grahamsway Prosperity Group look forward to you being an active member. We are always on the lookout for people who can contribute in any way that will help us make our Profit Builder truly successful well into the future.


Grahamsway Prosperity Group

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